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Product Design – At Monarc Technology, we believe in the principle that simpler is better.  Monarc Technology is a design and fabrication company, we design and implement highly technical surveillance systems in coordination with highly protective (NEMA 3R) enclosures, devices based on your companies requirements.  We can provide systems to a large scale commercial construction project as well as small custom home-builders. Contact Monarc Technology to get more information on how we can make your construction site more productive and safe.  We make sure that you system is product design first and bottom line profitability as well.  If you are interested in getting more information on this product from Monarc Technology, contact us or call 214.507.3415 for a custom design consultation.

Extend Your Job-site to Your Office”  

Product Design

Monarc Technology has the full range of products from the simple to complex. We can package and assemble your construction site camera system to meet your job-site requirements.  Regardless of the camera systems we design, our vetting process is the same ti insure you get your individual needs fulfilled.  Each of these designs is based on the same design criteria:

  1. Client collaboration and preliminary construction site camera design
  2. Identify and submit the metrics and parameters of the system
  3. Suggest potential products and designs
  4. Finalize
  5. Implement and purchase components
  6. Fabricate and commission  surveillance system
  7. Company IT department implementation
  8. Beta Testing (if necessary)
  9. Live production

IP Camera System

Product DesignCat5 Cables – IP cameras are Digital and connect via Cat5 (Networking) Cable.  Cat5 Cable is the cable used in creating computer networks. With an IP camera system, this one wire caries both your video data and your camera power. The power is added by the NVR (if you made a home run and are using our Networker Pro POE models, which has built-in POE ports) or you can use a POE injector or POE switch to power your cameras at convenient locations.

We offer some systems which include a POE switch. You can plug the POE switch in anywhere on your network by running one cat5 cable from your router to the switch and plugging the switch into a wall outlet. Then you can plug several cameras into the switch and it will power and transmit the video back to the NVR.  Product Design

Resolution – IP cameras come in four resolution options: 2.0MP which shoots at 1080P, 3.0 MP (which is 1.5x 1080P). 4K (which is 4x 1080P), and 12 MP (6x1080P).

Recording Device – You record an IP camera with a NVR. Some NVRs on the market are really terrible, all of ours can record at least 1080P at 30 FPS without any framerate or camera limitations.

Product DesignCameras – In most instances, bullet cameras are the best choice.  Bullet cameras are weatherproof – IP66 rated which equates to full protection from dust, rain and sprinklers.  The cameras are mounted on the side of the enclosure, or the bottom or top, and they can have long-range lenses.

  • Weatherproof – IP66 rated which equates to full protection from dust, rain and sprinklers, with vandal-proof enclosures.
  • Temperature rated – from -40° F to 140° F
  • Zoom – Digital zoom
  • Lens – Fixed, Varifocal, Motorized
  • IR (infrared) – 100′ and some cameras are good for low lux light: 0.01 lux rating

Dome cameras are also available and these can hang from the ceiling or mount on the wall and can be used indoors and outdoors. Some IP Dome cameras are vandal-proof and most of our dome IP cameras are weatherproof.  Product Design

Why People Choose High Definition IP

1. Better Resolution: 1080P to 4K
The main selling point of IP cameras is the increased resolution. HD quality recording makes identifying faces and license plates much, much easier than standard definition. Although IP cameras are more expensive, HD recording can also mean that you don’t need to purchase as many cameras to properly secure an area, since you can record at a wider angle and still get footage that can identify suspects and be used in court.  Product Design

2. Plug & Play Ease of Use
With our line of Vanguard and Vanguard Pro POE NVRs and our SCW IP Cameras you’ll have no trouble installing and configuring the cameras. Just plug the single Cat5 cable into the NVR’s POE ports, and the NVR will setup, manage, and power the cameras for you.

One cable and you’re done.

3. Video Analytics
Video analytics is a series of technologies that automatically analyzes video to detect and determine events not based on a single image but upon the change in the video stream.Product Design

If you are interested in getting more information on this product from Monarc Technology, contact us or call 214.507.3415 for a custom product design.

Extend Your Job-site to Your Office”  – Monarc Technology provides custom designed construction camera systems and construction site surveillance systems.  Our product is custom engineered and designed by collaborating with our clients and delivering on their specific needs, we carefully evaluate their requirements and then deliver a competitively priced system to increase construction site productivity and accountability.  We do this by listening to your needs, provide site specific designs, install the system, maintain the system, re-configure the system for your next construction site.  All this provides cost savings, improve s productivity, which all translate to bottom line profits.

We feature on-site installation, field service and repairs, the finest level of customer service in the industry.  At Monarc Technology, we feature a full range on construction site cameras and video surveillance systems.  From simple to complex, we have everything you need.

Our service platform is located in the Dallas, Texas and  Fort Worth, Texas market.  We can configure and ship our construction cameras nation-wide.  Call 214.507.3415 for more information or email

If you are interested in getting more information on this product from Monarc Technology, contact us or call 214.507.3415 for a custom design consultation.

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