Plano Texas Smart Home

Plano Texas Smart Home – With one touch, dim the lights, play music, turn up the heat, lock the doors and arm the security system. Check in on your home from your smartphone, no matter where you are. Press a “Goodnight” button that will put your house to sleep, turning off all lights and locking all doors. With Control4, your options are virtually limitless. We examine all the options available to make your home more efficient, more energy efficient, and completely automated at an affordable price. We look at the price of a smart home system detailed by each electronic device. Plano Texas Smart Home

Contact Ted at Monarc Technology at 214-507-3415 for a quote on your perfect home automation. For a small investment of less than $2500.00, you can convert your home into the most tech savvy home anywhere.  Below is a list of the items we recommend and install.  Please feel free to contact us for more information.  Plano Texas Handyman recommends the Rachio Sprinkler System Controller, Arlo Wireless Camera Systems, TP Link wireless light switches and plugs, August Smartlocks and Nest Thermostats. Contact us for more information

Monarc Technology can provide whole home automation systems, Wireless home security and surveillance systems , Smart Home Technology to make your life more enjoyable and save you thousands of dollars.  You can also email me at Contact Monarc Technology.

Plano Texas Handyman would recommend the following components for a smart home:

  1. Structured Home Wiring – We install a structured home wiring cabinet and all the interior components to make your Audio, Video, Surveillance, WiFi and conveniently organized and labeled in a single cabinet
  2. Structured home wiring control board – Monarc Technology installs a mounting board next to the structured wiring panel with a full cable organization.  Plano Texas Smart Home Installation.  Plano Texas Smart Home
  3. Whole House Surge Protection – Whole house surge protection consists of 1 surge protector installed at the electrical panel and commercial grade surge suppressors installed at critical equipment.  Leviton 51120 Whole House Surge Protection
  4. Security and Surveillance – “If it’s valuable to you, it’s also valuable to someone else,” You need to be vigilant to maintain care, control and custody of your purse or other valuables.” What about home security?
  5.  WIFI Home Comfort – Includes smart phone thermostats, smart phone light switches, smart phone lighting.  Plano Texas Smart Home
  6. Exterior irrigation – Install Rachio sprinkler controller and a wireless drip irrigation system for your patio potted plants and greenery.  Frisco Texas Smart Homes
  7. LED lighting – Buying light bulbs is just one element defining the perfectly lit home. When you upgrade light fixtures both inside and on the exterior. you need to be acutely informed on the terminology and what it means to the interior living space. How do you interpret lumens, which is the brightness of the bulb? How do you interpret the Kelvins of the color of the bulb? Should you choose LED lights of CFL light.  LED bulb guide
  8. Electric – Just about any electric device can be controlled with your smart phone. Frisco Texas Smart Homes

Contact Ted at Monarc Technology at 214-507-3415 for a quote on your perfect home automation.  Visit our website for more information on all our capabilities, Dallas Texas Smart Home Installation, Frisco Texas Smart home installation, Plano Texas Smart Home

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