LED Color Exterior Up-lights Plano

LED Color Exterior Up-lights Plano – Plano Texas Handyman and Monarc Technology now carries and installs 120v Wi-Fi-compatible RGBW LED flood light. For cool white (6500k), natural light (4000k) or warm light (2700k), plus we also provide color-selectable outdoor illumination. The compact, 30- and 50-watt fixtures can be used for landscape lighting, tree uplighting, flagpole lighting, and architectural wall washing. Colors, brightness, and nine dynamic color-changing modes can be controlled with an RF Touch-Color Remote or with a smartphone or tablet that’s connected to a Wi-Fi Hub. These LED flood lights are an energy-efficient alternative to incandescent fixtures and are designed to last 29 times longer. Color LED Exterior Landscape Lights , LED Color Exterior Up-lights Plano

Color LED Exterior Landscape Lights Offer:

Its Superbowl Sunday and you want to illuminate the front of your house to support the Kansas City Chiefs colors of red and yellow, no problem. Its 4th of July and you want patriotic red, white, and blue, no problem. Halloween, orange and white, no problem. Christmas, red and green, no problem. and the rest of the year white up-lighting, no problem. All with the click of a controller from your smart phone. Call Ted at Monarc Technology or  Plano Texas Handyman to discuss these options at 214-507-3415 for your LED Color Exterior Up-lights Plano.

RGBW LED flood lights for house

Using a warm white or RGB COB (chips-on-board) LED, these flood lights emit up to 1,000 lumens of illumination in a wide 120-degree beam pattern. The weatherproof LED fixtures have a low-profile die cast aluminum housing with an integral heat sink and a tempered glass lens. An adjustable mounting bracket is also included to direct illumination where it’s needed. LED Color Exterior Up-lights Plano

RGBW LED flood lights housing

The 30- and 50-watt LED lights consume 15-37 watts or 19-47 watts (respectively) depending upon color selection. They use about two times less power than incandescent flood light fixtures and operate within a wide 100-240V AC range. A three-year warranty protects against manufacturer defects or malfunctions.

LED landscape lighting is a great way to dress up your yard and show it off, but there are many different options for accomplishing this. How do you know which lights to use where and for what? Read on, and you’ll find out. LED Color Exterior Up-lights Plano

The first step in adding light to your yard is to know what you want to highlight. You might not be aware of the many ways you can use light to achieve an interesting, eye-catching outdoor design; look at the examples in this post or browse the internet to get some ideas. Next, you should know what types of lights are available, the effects that they create, and where they’re typically used. We carry a wide variety of 12-volt LED landscape products, including spot, path, flood, hardscape, step/deck, pond/fountain, well, path, recessed, and fence lights. For each type of light, there are options for brightness, color, style, and additional features. Take a look below to see how and where you can use these lights.

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