High Tech Home Improvements

High Tech Home Improvements

High Tech Home Improvements – Remodeling your home? Looking for some really good ROI home improvements?  Don’t ignore these technology trends.

Large remodeling projects are growing in popularity. Some things may seem obvious—like replacing carpet with hardwood, updating fixtures and cupboards or building an addition. However, consider these five high-tech home improvements, from home automation devices to clever conveniences. They practically pay for themselves and make your life easier whether you’re starting up or winding down your home remodel project.

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1. Invest in a smart lock
Like a regular lock, a smart lock can provide security and prevent intrusions and theft—ensuring your possessions and loved ones stay out of harm’s way. Smart locks can also make things easier by turning on your home’s indoor smart light bulbs and smart thermostat when you unlock the door. There are many smart lock options to choose from, but make sure to purchase one that works with your mobile devices and other smart home products.  High Tech Home Improvements

2. Plug in a camera
With more than 5,400 burglaries happening each day in the U.S., having a camera at your home can be a huge help to keep your home and family protected. Cameras also prove helpful in situations other than security, like when you want to ensure your dog doesn’t dig into your recently planted garden. Inside the home, an indoor security camera can help you monitor construction crews during your remodel. Once the remodel is complete, you can use the camera to make sure your pets and kids are safe and don’t damage your newly updated kitchen, bathroom or living room. You can even talk through certain types of cameras.  High Tech Home Improvements

3. Add a smart thermostat
If you spent a pretty penny on your home remodeling project, you can recoup some of the cost with home automation technology, like a smart thermostat, that can help you save on heating, cooling and electricity. Remember to look for a smart thermostat that works with other smart home devices you already own. For example, if you own smart light bulbs, look for a smart thermostat that you can control from the same hub.

4.  Install an electric fireplace
In recent years, linear fireplaces have become very popular in both commercial and residential settings. Linear fireplaces add a contemporary feel to nearly any space including bedrooms, living rooms, patios, pool rooms, restaurants, business waiting rooms, and so much more. Here’s everything you need to know about adding a linear fireplace to your home, office, or business. High Tech Home Improvements

Linear fireplaces, also referred to as contemporary fireplaces or rectangular fireplaces, are a style of gas fireplace that can be installed in most indoor or outdoor spaces. Because linear fireplaces aren’t limited by the traditional fireplace design, a linear fireplace can be installed flush with nearly any building material right up to the glass!

5.  Upgrade or install a media room
The term media room has evolved into a generic definition for a multipurpose space that is outfitted with a large flat-screen television, surround sound and cozy seating. Friends congregate there to watch the big game. Families go there to watch a movie together. It’s party central when guests visit.  A media room is a more social experience.  The lights are down, no talking, no reading. No answering cell phones.  For purists who want a night-at-the-movies ambiance, a home theater is the answer.   High Tech Home Improvements

6.  Install WiFi light switches
A smart Wi-Fi light switch can control power with a smartphone app or a button on the wall. The switch is wired to the electrical system to control the flow of electrical power, and has a built-in Wi-Fi adapter to connect to the local network for communication with its smartphone app. If internet access is enabled, the owner can control the light switch from their smartphone even when they’re away from home.

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