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Monarc Technology DesignCustom design construction cameras are second nature to us, at Monarc Technology we provide customized construction site cameras specifically tailored to you project scope of work and job-site conditions.  We can provide construction camera surveillance systems to small home-builders and large commercial construction companies.  We provide both wired and wireless systems, but we encourage our clients to use wired as they are far superior in many ways.  Our system is plug and play ready, all you need to do is supply power and internet service.  We install our construction site camera systems in the Dallas Texas and Dallas Fort Worth market space.  Site planning is crucial to the process, if you plan properly, installing high definition cameras is not a difficult task.  If you are interested in getting more information on this product from Monarc Technology, contact us or call 214.507.3415 for a custom design consultation.

Extend Your Job-site to Your Office”

All components are enclosed in NEMA 3R weatherproof enclosures and liquid-tite connections.  The system is pre-wired and tested prior to job-site delivery.  We use only the best products and assemble them to your specifications and deliver them to the job-site with installation.  Monarc Technology product, Construction Cameras for Video Surveillance and Monitoring, installs the technology on your job-site.  We provide on-site maintenance billed as a one-time service call rather than costly maintenance contracts.  In addition, we install, maintain, and move your camera system to the next location after modifications.  Monarc Technology utilizes multiple product technology and packages this technology into your specific system.  Our company carefully evaluates your specific needs and configures a system to meet your needs.  Our company utilizes a SOP (standard of operation) with respect to the initial design criteria basis and expands this principle to your Custom Design system.

Benefits of a Job-site Camera System

A job-site camera system has enormous benefits and provides management with the opportunity to monitor several critical aspects of your project.

  • Job-site Productivity – A construction site camera system will increase and improve job-site productivity.  Your company can monitor employee movement throughout the project ensuring that the right resources are employed in the right areas.
  • Job-site communication – When the architectural plans conflict with the field conditions, all parties can easily collaborate on a solution without visiting the site through video conferencing. This process can accelerate  the design changes and field changes to improve job-site productivity.
  • Vendor/supplier confirmation – When you encounter a discrepancy between job-site shipments and POD’s (Proof of delivery documents), a camera system can document the receipt of merchandise and accelerate process of payment.
  • Sub-contractor accountability – Your subcontractors are the life-blood of your project.  Camera systems provide an intellectual process of tracing the events of the project.  Cameras provide accountability and documentation in the event of litigation.
  • Employee accountability – Construction cameras provide management with peace of mind.   Position cameras at all entry and exit points to prevent material shrinkage.  It is estimated that companies incur as much as 2% shrinkage costing them , collectively, as much as $1 billion annually.  The sheer presence of a camera system prevents any shrinkage.  Custom design construction cameras
  • Flexibility: Construction site security cameras and monitor systems are inexpensive – Monarc Technology installs systems that are moderately priced and well within your budget, most systems start at $3000.   The benefits are enormous and the ROI is immeasurable.  Our construction cameras are fully scale-able, they are mobile and can be moved and reconfigured from job site to job site.


Bullet CameraCameras – Monarc Technology offers a full range of Cameras  Listed below are general specification we offer in each critical systems category.  HD quality recording makes identifying faces and license plates much, much easier than standard definition. Although IP cameras are more expensive, HD recording can also mean that you don’t need to purchase as many cameras to properly secure an area, since you can record at a wider angle and still get footage that can identify suspects and be used in court.

  • Resolution: 1080P, 2 x 1808P, 1.5 x 1080P, up to 4 MP resolution
  • Aspect: 1920 x 1080, 2560 x 1440, 2048 x 1536
  • Weather: IP66 (full protection from dust, rain and sprinklers)
  • Temperature:  -22° F to 140° F
  • Lens: Fixed and Variafocal
  • IR (night vision): 100′ to 300′, some with .01 Lux
  • All cameras have one or more of the following features::
    • Vandal proof housing
    • Digital zoom and optical zoom
    • Wide dynamic range
    • Motorized zoom focus

Monarc Technology Camera HousingWeatherproof  Camera Enclosures – In some cases, construction site cameras need to provide additional protection in the most extreme and harsh conditions.  These enclosures have forward opening hinged lid, weatherproof Aluminum Construction, easy access for service & installation, and have optional heater/blower to keep your equipment running at peak performance.  We provide Custom Design and standard systems.



NEMA Weatherproof Enclosures – Our enclosure utilizes a weatherproof design with liquid-tite connections and 120VAC internal wiring.  The box houses the critical internal components (brains) of the system.  The unit is completely pre-wired based on your design criteria with all internal technological items included and mounted for plug and play design.



Device App

Flexible Monitoring – Your company can monitor construction activity on your mobile device, laptop, desktop or notebook.  You can add multiple employees without the expense of costly hosting services and plans.  Monarc Technology does not believe in plans that drive up our overhead cost.  We are committed to making your business profitable and increasing job-site productivity.  Job site construction cameras should be easy to set-up and use, this is our basic operating principle.


How Security Cameras Protect Job Sites

There are many benefits to having construction site security cameras on a job site, with nearly no downsides. It seems as if everyone has a security system nowadays, but I think many people would be surprised at how many sites don’t have the extra layer of security. An extra layer of security is critical to your construction site and provides a management tool that will present unlimited benefits. Typically, these are the sites that have theft problems, have been vandalized, have loosely monitored vendor shipments, and sometimes face even worse damages. In order to ensure that your site is protected, your best bet is to install security cameras.  Custom design construction cameras

Monitoring Progress:

Having construction site security cameras allow you to check in on your construction site at any time you’d like. Likewise, it allows your employees have access at critical junctures of the process insuring smooth flow of progress.  Monarc Technology construction site cameras are connected to the internet and allow you to view remotely. They also allow you to have access to vast amounts of historical data.  Sometimes there are delays in construction for various reasons, so you can monitor when employees are working and when they are not. If things aren’t getting done fast enough, you can look into it on the cameras and address the issue without having to jump through hoops to identify the issue.

Safety and Security:

The safety of employees and the security of your job-site are perhaps the two most important reasons to have construction cameras installed on your job site. First off, you can check up on the site to make sure that all of the required safety protocols are being followed properly. This will help prevent injury to workers, which is a huge problem on construction sites today.

The second part of this is security. Theft on job sites has been growing every year. People know the high value of things like copper piping, steel, and generators. This makes them more inclined to trespass and steal these high-price items. Problems like these will not only slow the progress of your project but will cost you thousands of dollars to replace, not to mention downtime. Having cameras on site deters thieves and trespassers, making it much less likely that they will even attempt to steal from you.  Custom design construction cameras

Time Lapse:

Time-lapse is a great feature that some major security companies offer. A time lapse security camera will take photos of the progress on your job site at a set time. Usually, a company that provides construction time lapse will have their own software to access and monitor the cameras. Make sure the time lapse software you decide to use is intuitive and meets all of your needs. Options like calendar view and the ability to overlay images at different stages of your project can be very useful.

Most security cameras can be used as time-lapse cameras during the day, and switched to security cameras at night. They will allow you to monitor progress on your job site from a high definition camera, without having to sift through hours of video. It can also provide advertising and other promotional opportunities for your company by creating time lapse movies from groundbreaking to your completed project. You can edit the footage to put on your company’s website in order to show progress on new locations or homes you have built. You can easily adjust these movies to be as long or as short as you’d like, and use them for a multitude of different purposes.


Chances are that as someone working for a construction site, you have many people to update on the progress of your project. Construction site surveillance cameras are very useful in this sense. Video and time-lapse movies accessed online by project managers and clients during meetings. This will allow them to see the progress for themselves, rather than just hearing descriptions of it or having to travel all the way to the site just to make sure everything is going as planned. Clients will be much more satisfied if they are able to look at the videos for themselves.  Custom design construction cameras

We can be contacted by calling 214.507.3415 or email us at or Contact Us.

At Monarc Technology, we feature on-site installation, field service and repairs, the finest level of customer service in the industry. At Monarc Technology, we feature a full range on construction site cameras and video surveillance systems. From simple to complex, we have everything you need.

Our service platform is located in the Dallas, Texas and Fort Worth, Texas market. We can configure and ship our construction cameras nation-wide. Call 214.507.3415 for more information or email

We fabricate and install construction site security cameras in Dallas, TX, Fort Worth, TX, Plano, TX, Frisco, TX, and the Dallas Fort Worth Metro area.  Monarc Technology systems are portable construction cameras and feature weatherproof camera technology.

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