Construction Site Camera Systems

Construction Site Camera Systems – Construction sites can face a unique range of security issues, including accidents,  – vandalism, and theft of raw materials such as lumber, steel, and copper pipes and wire. Installing an expertly planned construction security system throughout the site is a critical step for ensuring safety and security.

Call Monarc Technology, your professional in Construction Site Security at 214-507-3415 or visit: utilizes a unique combination of tools to provide a custom construction site surveillance solution that’s right for your security needs. Utilizing construction site security services including turnkey security towers with surveillance cameras and other equipment, we work to provide a cost effective security solution for your business.  Construction Site Security Systems

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Benefits of Construction Site Security Services
Here are some of the many benefits of construction video surveillance for your construction company:

*   Reduce construction site theft
*  Keep out petty criminals and intruders
*  Affordably increase & supplement current security measures
*  Ensure a safe working space for employees
*  Monitor construction process to increase efficiency
*  Professional monitoring by trained experts
*  Check up on your construction site from your smart phone
*  Save money by preventing liability suits

Building Site Security Camera Systems
Construction sites can face a unique range of security issues, including accidents, vandalism, and the theft of raw materials such as lumbar, steel, and copper pipes and wire. Installing a careful planned system of construction security cameras throughout the site is an important step for insuring safety and security.  Construction Site Camera Systems

Benefits of Building Site Surveillance
Easy to install – A wireless IP camera system, along with providing higher quality resolution, also allows you to change our construction security camera layout as the demands of your site/property change.

Theft Prevention – The present of construction security cameras on your site can help to prevent intruders and potential theft.

Efficiency – In addition to boosting security, the presence of a security camera can possible help settle time-consuming disputes with customers and inspectors, as well as encouraging productivity during the workday.

Risks to Building Site Security Cameras
Damage – On site, a construction surveillance camera is susceptible to more dangers than in other locations. Security cameras monitoring heavy machinery and raw constriction materials may be hit or impacted by workers, or dust may limit the camera’s view if it isn’t installed in a proper outdoor housing.

Weather – Storms can come at any time, and security cameras monitoring an unfinished house can be damaged by high winds, rain, or debris.

Theft/Vandalism – Security cameras left out in open construction sites may appeal to thieves. Should one of your cameras be stolen in a robbery, make sure you have another security system in place to protect your equipment and area.

Configuration Questions for Building Site Security
Video surveillance can be a valuable addition to any construction site. However, there are many important factors to consider in order to create the right system for your needs:

What is your most important security threat?
*  Have you experienced theft problems in the past? If so, what kids and where?*
*  Have you ever found yourself wishing you could have caught an incident on camera?
*  What kind of security do you currently have in place?
*  Do you feel that your surroundings contribute to your overall security? Projects in existing residential areas may experience fewer problems than those in industrial areas or residential areas under construction.
Setup Advice for Building Site Security
*  If you leave your construction supplies on-site overnight, install fixed cameras near your storage space to protect them from being stolen
*  Cameras placed around the perimeter of your construction site can help deter thieves and vandals from entering your work area.  Construction Site Camera Systems

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