Apple HomeKit Products

Apple HomeKit Products – In other words: Apple wants to make it easier for smart accessories – like light switches, smart plugs, smart speakers, thermostats, detectors, sensors, blinds, locks, etc – to communicate, and for you to connect and manage all the smart accessories in your home, even if they’re from various manufacturers. HomeKit is basically Apple’s framework for home automation and it works beautifully.  One App with many apparatuses connected.  Apple HomeKit allows you to create scenes like “bedtime” and executes a series of commands through Siri, so when you say “Siri its bedtime”, the smart home scene makes the following changes: your back security light turns on, the temperature is adjusted to a cool 65°, and your doors are secured.  Apple HomeKit Smart Home.  Contact Monarc Technology at 214-507-3415 to discuss your smart home design.

HomeKit is not a single control application but is instead a hardware certification platform and database system that allows developers to create hardware and to integrate that hardware with iOS to provide for easy discovery, configuration, management, and communication between a wide variety of smarthome products like locks, lights, security equipment, and other home automation products.  Apple HomeKit Smart Home.  There are over 200 items compatible with Apple HomeKit, follow this link for more information as we have only given a select few items.

The following is a list of items compatible with Apple HomeKit and pricing available on the Apple website.  Read about all the products below: